We feel that the first step in initiating a good project is to establish a good accurate budget to let you, the customer, know exactly what to expect the project to cost. This will help in planning and justifying the project. We have many years of experience in estimating and are confident that we can produce very realistic and accurate budgets for your electrical requirements.

Project cost benefit analysis
Once an accurate budget has been established we can the do an analysis to establish the viability of the project.

Product feature benefit evaluation
Once a project has been shown to be viable it is important that all products to be used be evaluated to be sure that the best possible products be chosen for the job. We feel that we have the experience to do a thorough analysis of cost / feature / benefits to allow for the purchase of the best value products for your project. This process can help to establish a plant equipment standard in conjunction with your plant staff.

When the best products have been selected a detailed specification outlining products to be used, and wiring standards and methods can be composed.

Tender packages / evaluation
We can prepare a tender package containing detailed specifications, scope of work and form of tender. We can also help in choosing the most appropriate contractors to invite to submit proposals and prices. Once the contractors have submitted their prices and or proposals we would assist the owner in selecting the best value, considering contents of the proposal, contractor experience, and owner preferences.

Project management
We have the experience to provide realistic scheduling, monitor progress, inspect for quality, evaluate extra work, co-ordinate with other trades, and generally assure that the project is proceeding as planned.

Material acquisition
We would undertake to purchase major equipment on the owners’ behalf or provide on-site purchasing to provide all material required. We would propose to buy material on the owners purchase orders and negotiate or tender equipment and material for the best possible price.

Start up assistance
We have the ability to provide technical assistance to start up new equipment and co-ordinate with the various equipment suppliers’ start-up people.

Power system design / surveys / evaluation / documentation
We have the expertise to design a complete power system for your new plant or to modify or replace the one in your existing one. Our experience includes design from 69KV or 25KV substations to mill operating voltage at 600 or 480 volts. We have the ability to assess not only your present needs but also to anticipate your future requirements based on your future plans. We can provide you with a new or updated set of drawings that will serve, as a long-term solution for your power needs.

Control System Design / evaluation / documentation
We have the experience to design the controls for a machine center or a complete plant control system. We can also survey your existing controls and make recommendations as to improvements that could lead to more uptime or higher productivity. When design is complete, we would leave you with a full documentation package including schematic drawings, cable schedules, and operation manuals.

PLC system design / evaluation / integration / documentation
We have the expertise to provide you with a complete PLC system for overall plant operation. We can also evaluate systems offered by system houses and machine suppliers. We have expertise in installing integrated supervisory systems and system-to-system communication. Our main interest is to provide a service to plan and to tie together the various PLC systems as supplied as part of the equipment suppliers package.

Documentation of existing systems
We are able to compare existing documentation with the current installation and update, redraw, or create new documentation as required. This will allow plant staff or outside contractors to be more efficient in troubleshooting or modifications.

Power factor correction systems
Power factor correction is an important part of the electrical system both from an energy cost basis and a system load basis. We are able to analyze your system and recommend power factor correction values and locations.

Maintenance programs
Scheduled preventative maintenance can pay large dividends in a producing plant both in uptime and repair costs. We would set up a comprehensive program for electrical equipment maintenance either computer based or manual work orders.

Plant automation / problem solving
We have the expertise to design and implement automatic systems in your plant that can improve plant performance or reduce manpower requirements. We are also able to analyze present systems and solve operational problems with them. We would be pleased to give you our idea's on possible plant improvements at minimal cost to you.

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